Travel Hacks 2021

by S Beez on Aug 05, 2021

Travel Hacks 2021

I’ve been talking about investing a lot, and I have noticed many people saying that they are “outside” or that “the streets is calling” so I wanted to get into some travel hacks that you could use to save money when you are traveling or whenever you’re ready to start traveling again. 

Hilton 3 times the points expires September 6th

If you’re traveling right now or planning to travel, the first big hack that I think you should take advantage of is Hilton’s bonus points offer. Hilton is offering 3x times the points if you stay for 3 nights and double the points on all other stays.

This offer started on May 3 and it will be good until September 6. So if you’re traveling definitely look at what Hilton has to offer some good opportunities there. These points will go very far and they will allow you to stay in hotels for free. 

When you are visiting hotel and airline website always look for the “Offers” tab to see what current deals they have available.

Another hack that I like to use when it comes to Hilton is using Rakuten for 2.5% cash back. Rakuten is a website that gives you cash back on your purchases and you can spend the rewards anywhere. 

Rakuten cash back

Let's get into travel credit cards. People ask me what the best travel card is and I will always recommend my favorite travel card, the American Express Platinum card. 

American Express Platinum Card

You should only get this card if you are a frequent traveler because it has a hefty yearly fee. The fee will be covered by the perks if you use it for traveling and flight purchases. 

My favorite AMEX Platinum perks are the complementary status and airport lounges you get access to. 

You get Gold status with Hilton and Gold status with Marriott completely for free. You can go take your Gold status and match it with other hotels and rental car companies. The high status will allow you to get free room upgrades, early and late check out, and free rental car upgrades so it’s definitely worth it. if you travel with Delta it also gives you access to the Delta lounge for free when you travel with Delta and you get access to priority pass to get into lounges even if you’re not flying with Delta if you can get into any of the priority pass lounge.

I think that lounges are definitely where you wanna be in a post Covid world because when you go to the lounges there aren’t many people in there, so you can sit and relax in the lounge, get some free food and some free drinks and then hop on your flight.

You can learn more about some of my other favorite AMEX cards here

If you are looking for a travel card with no annual fee I think that the Capital One VentureOne Rewards card is a good choice. You earn 1.25x miles on every purchase and it comes with a 20,000 intro bonus.

Venture One Credit Cards

If you are looking for a higher into bonus offer Chase is giving 80,000 bonus points with the Chase Sapphire Reserve. It doesn’t have an extremely high annual fee and you earn 2x the points on restaurants and travel.

Chase Sapphire Reserve

I hope you enjoyed this post. 

These are the travel hacks that I’m using to pay for most of my trip to Bora Bora with points. If you are interested in seeing me stay in a $700/night hotel for free this weekend (thanks to a free Hilton credit card perk) follow me on Instagram .