Born and raised in Arlington, Symoné's upbringing instilled in her the values of hard work and determination, setting the foundation for her extraordinary career. Her relentless pursuit of her GovTech mission began early at the age of 16 when she landed her first GovTech role after obtaining the CompTIA A+ certification.

Symoné went to school for Computer Science on a basketball scholarship initially but transferred and graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University. While at VCU she join the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) as the Convention and Technology Chair and received the “Emerging Leader Award”.

Armed with a degree in Computer Science, Symoné embarked on a path to revolutionize the GovTech industry. Her journey led her to high-income fields, where she made an indelible mark. She achieved remarkable success as a Software Engineer at Raytheon, soon after she launched her first software application called Gifitize.

The launch of her business, Gifitize, marked a pivotal moment in her career, igniting her passion for tech and entrepreneurship. It was during this time that she began to create a lasting legacy, dedicated to her mission of bringing transformative change to the GovTech landscape.

Symoné's career journey took her beyond borders after she obtained her CompTIA Security+ certification. As she explored international opportunities, ultimately leading her to Japan, where she took on the role of a Radar Systems Engineer at just 24 years old. Over the course of the following year, her remarkable talents propelled her to achieve not one but two promotions, reaching the esteemed position of a level 4 Sr Test Engineer II at Raytheon.

Her career path later led her to Taiwan, where she embraced the role of a Test Engineer. Two years later she joined the Globalhawk RQ-4 team in S. Korea and made a lasting impact in the GovTech sector. But Symoné's aspirations extended beyond personal success; she felt a profound calling to create generational change. She began by assisting family, friends, and peers on their own GovTech journeys.

Today at the age of 31, Symoné B. stands as a formidable force in the world of GovTech, harnessing her extensive experience, educational foundation, and influential industry alliances to steer innovation and mold the future of government technology. Her unwavering commitment to progress goes beyond personal achievement; Symoné's mission extends to empowering others to excel in GovTech.

As the Founder of GovTech Academy, Symoné is at the forefront of a transformative movement. Her academy serves as a beacon for aspiring GovTech enthusiasts, providing them with the essential technical skills and career development guidance needed to navigate this dynamic sector successfully. 

Through comprehensive training programs, Symoné equips individuals with the knowledge and expertise required to enter and thrive in GovTech roles, ensuring a pipeline of skilled professionals ready to make an impact.

Beyond the classroom, Symoné's influence extends to prominent tech conferences where her insights and expertise shine. She has graced the stages of renowned events such as RenderATL, BlkMeninTech, Techsgiving, and the National Urban League Conference, where she shares her wealth of knowledge and passion for GovTech, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Social Media Influencer Branding. Her engaging presentations and panel talks inspire attendees to explore the boundless possibilities within the GovTech industry.

Symoné's commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship is also evident in her role as a judge in startup pitch events. Her discerning eye and industry expertise play a pivotal role in identifying promising ventures with the potential to revolutionize the Tech landscape.

In essence, Symoné B. is not only a leader and pioneer in GovTech but also a mentor and advocate for those who aspire to follow in her footsteps. 

Her multifaceted contributions, from running GovTech Tech Academy to speaking at prestigious conferences and nurturing innovation through startup pitch events, showcase her dedication to shaping the future of government technology. Symoné's journey is an inspiration and a testament to the limitless opportunities within this ever-evolving sector, encouraging others to join her in making a lasting impact.