Balancing a 9 to 5 and Entrepreneurship

by S Beez on Apr 15, 2020

Balancing a 9 to 5 and Entrepreneurship

The Balancing Act of a 9 to 5 and Entrepreneurship.

People often ask me how am I able to balance work and entrepreneurship. There is no one answer to this difficult question, but if I had to attribute the reason why I am able to work a 9 to 5 and run my businesses I would attribute it to a few things:
  • Time Management
  • Lifestyle Design

I know time management sounds cliché, but you really have to make time for what you want in life. You can’t say that you want to be a successful entrepreneur but you only work on your business a couple of hours a week. You need to be working on your business consistently for at least an hour a day. To stay on top of your busy schedule you need to implement a task management system into your life.

I prefer to use Asana to manage my tasks because it allows for you to break down each project that you are working on by section to stay more organized, it shows a quick overview of what needs to be done, allows for collaboration if you are working on projects with other people, and their app is easy to use. Here is a short video explaining how to use Asana. You should be planning out your weekly task in advance every Sunday. I like to plan out my Personal, Financial, Business, and School tasks at the start of every week to ensure that I am not missing important deadlines or moving without a purpose.

Now some people might say, “Well Beez, I can’t make any extra time for my business.” If you truly believe that is the case then it’s time to make some lifestyle adjustments. These adjustments may take time to implement and some may cost you more money, but it will result in you having more time for what you say is important to you, which is growing your business.

This is where Lifestyle Design comes into play. Lifestyle Design is simply designing your life to be lived in a way that matches your desired lifestyle. When designing your lifestyle you need to write down what it is that you truly desire out of your dream lifestyle. Are you the type of person who want to live in a city? Have a short commute? Travel often? Explore nature often? Go to the gym daily? You must decide what it is you want then design your life around that. You must design your life to where you will have more time for your business.


Changing jobs (a job that is closer to where you live or a job that will allow you to have more free time)

Waking up earlier or staying up later to get more work done (I don’t recommend dropping under 6 hours of sleep EVER)

Utilizing your office’s gym and working out during your lunch break or before/after work

Batching household tasks such as meal prepping, laundry, cleaning up, etc.

These are just a few ways that you can free up time. Get creative and start thinking about what you can do to make more time to work on your business and design a lifestyle that is catered to you and only you.

You either make a way or make excuses.

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