Banking Tips and Tricks: DCU and USAA

by S Beez on Apr 16, 2020

Banking Tips and Tricks: DCU and USAA

This email is about Digital Credit Union(DCU) and USAA Bank. DCU is a great credit union that is available to EVERYONE. They offer some of the best interest rates for loans that you can find. USAA Bank is a bank that is for eligible military and veteran families only, that offers every banking product that you can think of. Their insurance, loans, and travel discount options are extremely useful.

Some of these tips and tricks you may have already known about some you may have not been aware of.

Digital Credit Union TIPS

Tip #1 - Anyone Can Join Digital Credit Union

Everyone is eligible to join Digital Federal Credit Union(DCU) If you have been wanting to gain access to a credit union, but have not been eligible for the credit unions I have previously talked about, this credit union may be perfect for you. DCU is a credit union that is based in Massachusetts, so they do not have any branches out of state...this isn’t too big of a deal because they have a ton of CO-OP branches within their network. So if you need to go into a branch for any reason you can go into one of the branches they have partnered with.

Tip #2 - Super Low Car Interest Rates

DCU has some of the lowest car interest rates available. Currently their auto loan rates are starting at 2.49%. The nice thing about DCUs rates is that they are the same no matter if you are looking at purchasing a new car or a used car. Many financial institutions have higher rates for used cars, so DCU having the same rate across the board is a big deal.


To find out more information about DCUs auto loans click HERE

Tip #3 - Extremely Low Personal Loan Rates Starting at 7% APR

DCU has the lowest personal loan rates that I have seen starting at 7% APR. Personal loans can be extremely useful anytime you may need to borrow some cash. Most financial institutions personal loan rates average around 15% , so DCU is allowing its members to borrow money at such a low rate is unheard of.

To find out more information about DCUs personal loans click HERE

Digital Credit Union Trick

Trick #1 - Skip-A-Payment

DCU allows you to defer one months payment on a loan that you have already taken out with them. I definitely promote people being on top of their finances, but life happens and sometimes you may need to defer a payment. They allow you to defer all loan payments except for mortgage payments.

To find out more information about DCUs Skip-A-Payment feature click HERE


Tip #1 - Life Insurance

USAA has some of the cheapest life insurance, even though it is cheap, that does not mean that it isn’t good. If you don’t have any life insurance or feel as if you are currently paying too much every month then you should take some time to get a quote online from USAA.


To find out more information on USAAs life insurance click HERE

Tip #2 - Car Buying Service

You can utilize USAAs car buying service to save money off of the retail price of new cars. On average customers save $3,537 by using the car buying service. If you do not have access to USAA look into your banks services and see if they offer a car buying service. It is usually called “TrueCar Buying Service”. I used this feature to save $5,000 off of the price of the last new car that I purchased. Definitely worth looking into if you are in the market looking to buy a new vehicle.

To find out more information on USAAs car buying service click HERE

Tip #3 - Cheap Home Insurance

USAA offers extremely cheap home insurance. When I was shopping around for home insurance quotes USAA was more than 50% cheaper than the other competitors that I was looking at. By lowering your home insurance you will end up lowering your monthly mortgage payment. Take some time to call USAA to compare their quote to your current home insurance policy.

To find out more information on USAAs home insurance click HERE

Tip #4 - Cheap Car Rentals

USAA offers cheap car rentals to its members. I have been using USAAs rental car discount since I was 22 years old and have saved a ton of money on rentals. I recently rented a standard size car for 4 days for a total of $86 thanks to USAA. I think that this service is extremely overlooked by USAA members. If you travel often or just need to use a rental car every once and a while take advantage of this offer.


Trick #1 - Waived Under 25 Rental Car Fee with Hertz

When you use USAAs discount code with Hertz the 25 and under car rental fee is waived. This can save you around $100 everytime that you rent a car if you are under the age of 25. NOTE: They say that this waiver only works if you already have USAAs auto insurance. I am not sure if this is true or not, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

USAA Hertz Discount code: 77694

That’s it for all of the DCU and USAA tips and tricks. I hope you enjoyed this email and be on the lookout for the recap.

Thank you for rocking with me throughout this banking series 💪

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