Investing is for Everyone: M1 Pies

by S Beez on Jul 30, 2020

Investing is for Everyone: M1 Pies

People have been asking me to share my M1 stock portfolio, so that is what I am going to do in this email. I want to make this very clear, this is NOT investment advice and I am just showing you my portfolio and my reasoning behind choosing these stocks/ETFs. Some of these companies I just bought them because I believe in them long term and believe that they will not be going anywhere any time soon. I am not a super technical investor, so this will not be a technical portfolio review. This will be a longer email, just a heads up.

M1 is a stock brokerage that allows you to buy fractional shares. A fractional share is when you buy less than a full share. For example, if a stock was $100 for one share, you can buy $10 worth of this stock and have .10 shares of the stock. You only need $10 to buy stocks on M1, so everyone has an opportunity to invest in the stock market and benefit from gains in the stock market.

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My Wealth Pie

My M1 Wealth pie is made up of 2 main pies that I fund every week.

Generational Wealth Pie - A portfolio of stocks that I plan on holding for the rest of my life and pass down to future generations. The companies and ETFs in this portfolio are ones that I believe will be around for a long time and that I use almost daily.

Tesla (TLSA) - Tesla is my favorite stock right now due to where Elon Musk is taking the company. Tesla is MUCH more than a car company, Tesla manufactures batteries for cars (best batteries in the Electric Vehicle space) and homes (Powerwall and Powerpack) with the Gigafactory, Solar Panels, and anything else that Elon deems profitable in the future to move society forward. Electric vehicles are the future of cars and solar power is the future or renewable energy. Long story short in my opinion Tesla will be a household staple in 20 years and right now is an amazing opportunity to take advantage of.

Apple (AAPL) - Apple is my favorite technology company, I am deeply entangled into Apple’s ecosystem LOL. Having multiple iPhones, Apple TV, airpods, Macbook Pro, iPad Pro, Apple Watches I will never leave Apple. Long term Apple will only continue to grow. Last year Apple made 8 Billion dollars with Airpods ALONE, that is more money than entire companies made and Apple did it with just headphones. Apple is corning the cell phone market with the release of the iPhone SE 2. The SE 2 is a smaller form factor iphone for only $400, other companies will have a hard time competing with that. Plus as long as the blue message bubble is seen as a “status symbol” Apple has a strong cultural hold. In terms of laptops and computers, Apple is now creating their own chipsets to cut out the middleman that will allow for faster processing and development across all Apple products. I see Apple continuing to have major growth over the next 20+ years so I will continue to purchase the stock. 

Square, Inc.(SQ) - Square is a no brainer buy for me, two words “Cash App”. Almost everyone uses Cash App, it allows people to easily send money to each other and people who do not have bank accounts now have access to a bank account through Cash App. They also allow people to file their taxes and receive their return with Cash app. I love what the Founder Jack Dorsey is doing with the company. Jack also owns Twitter if you weren’t aware. He is also a big believer in crypto, so I see good things for Square long term.

Amazon (AMZN) - Jeff Bezos (the owner of Amazon) is taking over the world. Not much to say here Amazon will continue to bully and take over markets. For every dollar spent online over 50 cents is being spent on Amazon. Amazon Web Services is Amazons Cloud Computing service and most of the internet runs on AWS. They will continue to take over the Cloud Computing market.

Shopify (SHOP) - Shopify is an e-commerce giant, the majority of e-commerce websites are built using Shopify. It is the number one e-commerce platform. When you see those blue screenshots from e-commerce people showing their store numbers, that is the Shopify dashboard.

Spotify Technology (SPOT) - Spotify is taking over the Podcast industry, they have the Podcast game in a chokehold. They are signing exclusive agreements with top entertainers/podcasters (Joe Budden, Kim Kardashian, Joe Rogan, etc) that will allow them to take a bigger hold of the podcast industry. They are adding video podcast content to the app in 2021/2022. Spotify also owns Anchor, a free platform that allows you to make podcasts. Podcasts have taken over the radio, it is the new radio. “Back in 2006, only 22 percent of the adult population in the United States was aware of podcasting. By 2020, this figure had risen to 75 percent. Podcasting is an increasingly popular pastime in the U.S. and there were an estimated 88 million podcast listeners in the country in 2019. Forecasts suggest that the the number of podcast listeners will surpass 160 million in 2023 after increases of around 20 million each year.” -

Alphabet (GOOGL) - Everyone knows Google. Google controls the internet search engine game and will only continue to grow.

Peloton (PTON) - Peloton is a home gym equipment company that has a unique user experience that millennials love and will continue to take over homes due to the coronavirus pandemic. They make quality treadmills and stationary bikes. To use Peloton you are required to subscribe to a $58/mo workout subscription to join their classes. If you ever have time to stop by a Peloton store(post covid) or use one in a private gym you will see why people are so excited about Peloton. I believe that this company will explode over the next few years.

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) - AMD is a microprocessor company that also creates GPUs and technology for video game companies. I believe that AMD has a lot of room to grow and is an innovative company that will outperform longterm.

Beyond Meat, Inc. (BYND) -  Beyond meat has taken over the alternative “meat” market and has made its way into many homes, fast food restaurants, and traditional restaurants. I saw a graph showing that alternative meats will surpass seafood purchases within the next 15 years, so I like Beyond Meat long term.

Dollar General (DG) - Dollar General is a recession-proof business, they are sometimes the only grocery store in small towns, and they now have gas stations. I like Dollar General long term, drive through any small town. I bet you there is a Dollar General around.

Gap, Inc. (GPS) - I added Gap to my Generational Wealth Pie due to Kanye West partnering with Gap with his Yeezy Gap line. Gap will continue to grow long term because of Kanye, I call it the “Ye effect”. If you don’t believe me go look at Adidas stock chart since 2013.

Microsoft (MSFT) - Microsoft Windows has been the staple operating system for decades now and Microsoft Office is the standard when it comes to word processing and spreadsheets. They also have huge government contracts and are looking to be the leader in cloud computing services with Azure. Microsoft will be around our entire lives.

Sony Corp. (SNE) - Sony is big for me because I grew up playing the Playstation. I like holding products that I have been using for decades, I believe they will continue to be a top console manufacturer for a long time. Sony is also changing the professional camera game with their mirrorless camera technology. They have passed Canon and Nikon in camera market share. Which is pretty amazing to me.

Teledoc Health , Inc. (TDOC) - Teledoc is a teledoctor company that allows people to have access to healthcare from home over the phone. I believe that teledoctors will become one of the new normals after the coronavirus. They have been growing rapidly over the past few years, I believe they will continue to grow.

Nike Inc. (NKE) - Nike is a household name and Nike’s will always be the top athletic wear company. To me this is a no brainer to hold long term.

American Express (AXP) - I am a big American Express fan and user. I own this company because I use them in my everyday life.

Direxion Daily Aerospace & Defense Bull 3x Shares (DFEN) - This is an Aerospace and Defense Industry ETF. I hold this ETF because the Defense Industry is a multibillion dollar industry funded by the government/military. This sector will only continue to grow long term and I also work in the industry, so I am biased.

Disney (DIS) - Disney has been around for over a hundred years and I believe that they will continue to be a cultural company for generations to come. 

Gaming & Leisure Properties, Inc.(GLPI) - This is a REIT (real estate investment trust) that focuses on acquiring casinos, I believe that people will always gamble so I like their target asset class.

*Bonus* - When Stripe goes public (IPO’s) I will be adding it to my generational wealth pie. I believe that Stripe will pass Paypal in the long term.

Dividend Pie

Dividend Pie - A dividend portfolio that is invested in dividend ETFs . I selected ETFs with good dividend returns and relatively low expenses.

My Divided Pie is made up of 5 ETFs. A lot of people like to choose individual stocks for their dividend portfolio, but I do not have the time to keep up with 20-30 different stocks dividends. Companies can change their dividend at any time, so if you make your portfolio with a lot of different stocks you need to keep your eye on the company's news to see if they lowered their dividend due to the company's performance. Keep in mind that many dividends have been lowered due to covid, so keeping track isn’t something I am interested in. I am all about the hands off lazy investing, I picked 5 ETFs and I can easily track their dividends and not worry too much about the dividends changing frequently. 

Blackrock Science &Technology Trust (BST) - This ETF focuses on Tech companies that have good aggressive growth. This ETF has a 4.66% annual dividend that pays out monthly. Click this link to get more information about this ETF

Main Street (MAIN) - This is a ETF that provides capital for companies. It has an 7.87% annual dividend that pays out monthly. Click this link to get more information about this ETF

Vanguard S&P 500 ETF (VOO) - This is an ETF that tracks the S&P 500. It has an 1.81% annual dividend that pays out quarterly. Click this link to get more information about this ETF

Vanguard High Dividend Yield Index ETF (VYM) - This is an ETF that invests in dividend paying stocks. It has an 2.61% annual dividend that pays out quarterly. Click this link to get more information about this ETF

LTC Properties (LTC) - This is a REIT that focuses on senior houses and health care properties. It has an 6.11% annual dividend that pays out monthly. Click this link to get more information about this ETF

That's it for my M1 Generational Portfolio, thanks for reading. Hopefully, you create your own portfolio after doing your own research and hopefully you learned something new about a few of these companies. If all of this went over your head I suggest that you check out my book FInancial Starter Kit to learn more about stocks, ETFs, dividends, and the basics of investing. Click here to purchase for 10% off.

You can add my pies into your M1 and do research on each stock directly on the M1 website or app. To research stocks in M1 go to the “Research” section. Adding a pie to you M1 does not mean that you have to invest in it. The Pies/Portfolios will stay in the Unused section until you decide to use them.

"Reverse engineer your life. Live a life of abundance"​,

- Beez

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