Pivot With a Purpose 🎯

by S Beez on Jul 15, 2020

Pivot With a Purpose 🎯

Happy Thanksgiving everyone !  I know I’ve been a little MIA from Twitter since I moved back to the states from Taiwan, but I’m back and I will pumping out a ton of content over the next few months, so be on the lookout. During my hiatus, I noticed a lot of people jumping from one lane to the next lane. For a few weeks they are going “all in” on wholesaling then next week they are interested in becoming a software developer, week after that it’s cybersecurity, shortly after *insert skill set that is trending on twitter* see where I am going with this. Jumping on new waves and changing directions just to end up in the same spot. 

This is similar to someone who is playing basketball and just pivots with no purpose spinning around and around in a circle holding the ball as the clock winds down. You aren’t pivoting to help find a better angle you are just pivoting wasting time. Not the ideal situation you want to be in.

It is completely fine to be curious and not know exactly what you want to pursue next, but it is clear that the high amount of pivoting causes you to not make any progress. Before deciding to go all-in on a skillset there are a few things that you should do :

  1. Determine if this skillset aligns with your long term goals.

  2. Determine if the career associated with the skill set fits your personality.

  3. Do research on the skillset, identify the pros and cons, different ways you can utilize the skill, projected growth/demand of the skill, and the average expected income after acquiring then applying the skill.

Too many people waste time pursuing things that do not align with their long term goals. Most of the time short-sighted plans are a complete waste of time. Make sure your skills build upon each other like building blocks to strengthen your arsenal. 

So you might be wondering “Beez how do I go about conducting this research?” . Some options for you:

  • Use google to find articles related to the growth/outlook of an industry

  • Use Youtube to find videos discussing the day in the life of an *insert title*

  • Use Youtube to find videos discussing the pros and cons of a 

  • Find people who are where you want to be and talk to them. You can use Twitter, Instagram, or go out and network in person. Yes, I said in person. 

  • Read books and listen to podcasts based on the skill set/field 

I want people to pivot with a purpose and stop spinning around in circles as time passes them by. Spend some time researching what you want to do before you actually decide to pursue it. This will save you a ton of time and headaches long term.

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